New Products Now Available

From time to time we receive requests for an item from multiple customers and it just makes sense for us to figure out a way to make it happen for them. We are now offering new products that are a direct result of exactly that...requests from our customers. 

Drop Sections: The first new product that we introduced is called a drop section. The drop section is made specifically for shorter slides and is added in addition to the drop that is built into the start tub section. The drop section allows a shorter slide to start at a higher elevation which means that the ride is steeper which also means FASTER! Pictured below is our Standard Model PS21R-S with an added 10 degree drop section which raised the starting elevation by 2 feet.

Splash Guards: Our second new product that we have added as a result of customer requests are splash guards. Splash guards are an added safety feature that would typically be used on a longer slide towards the end where someone may go up high on a curve. Because our water slides are designed within a certain slope, you generally will not need splash guards but some customers feel better having them.

We now offer a half curve flume section for some of our designs. This section allows a little more freedom in our design process. Rather than have to turn in full 45 degree increments, we will be able to turn 22.5 degrees which will be very helpful at times!


August 11, 2016