Buyers Guide - Why Choose Us?

Build it Exciting... Build it Safe... Build it Beautiful!  As a family owned business, we are Committed to Quality and Excellence in every step of the process, not just in our products but also in how we treat our customers.

Why Choose Us as a Company?

  • We have more than 20 years experience in the water slide industry.
  • We offer quick response times to your questions and inquiries, returning all calls and emails the same or next business day but typically, Lynette or Connie will answer the phone when you call.
  • Designer is on-staff for quick turnaround of custom slide layouts, usually within 1-2 days!
  • Exceptional customer service from your first inquiry through delivery, and beyond!

​Why Choose Our Slides?

  • With our new upgrade of reinforcements we now have the strongest, most durable, highest quality residential water slides on the market.  Our slides are NOW made using the exact same materials and undergo the same manufacturing process as a commercial water slide but are smaller for residential homes.
  • Our multi-piece slide flumes are 32" wide on the inside and 23" deep for that large commercial feeling ride.
  • Custom Designed Pool Slides are our specialty and can be any length and designed to fit your space.
  • We offer 16 Standard Waterslide Designs, which can be mirrored for right or left turns or easily modified into a Custom Pool Slide.
  • Slides are available in earth tone colors as well as designer colors to coordinate with your landscaping or pool project.  Check out the Color Options Tab to choose your color.
  • Our slide sections are factory pre-drilled for easy installation!
  • They are coated with a polyester gel-coat on the ride surface and have a matching gel coat finish on the back side.
  • Our start tub is pre-plumbed with two 3" custom fittings. The one-piece slide has one 1-1/2" fitting.
  • For each multi-piece slide we provide custom stainless steel swivel mounting brackets and all of the sealant and stainless steel fasteners needed for installation.  You provide the concrete piers, plumbing, and pump.
  • Our slides are easy to install. We provide a detailed installation package and we are just a phone call away for assistance.
  • We obtain competitive freight rates with reliable companies to help ensure our slides are safely delivered.
  • Our slides are manufactured in America from new well maintained water slide molds.

The finished look and smooth ride of a Paradise Slide will provide years of fun and enjoyment for your family and friends.  Be the first in your neighborhood to enjoy a Paradise Slide!